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Meet Tyrone & Andrea

Tyrone and his wife, Andrea, have served in full-time ministry for more than 25 years. With a heart of compassion, and a desire to impart learning, Tyrone lays out the counsel of God with simplistic ease while masterfully weaving biblical principles with humorous stories and witty phraseology.

  • Experience

    “What life does to you depends on what life finds in you” is a sentiment that has been motivating Tyrone his entire life. With an endeavor to ensure that Christ is found in all that they do, Tyrone and Andrea believe that God is straight, God is strong, and God will not leave you stranded. Therefore, they confidently conclude the will of God will never take us where His grace will not keep us.

  • The Importance of Marriage

    This anointed couple senses the call of God to strengthen and solidify today’s marriages. With the understanding that marriage is a picture of Christ, Tyrone wrote four pragmatic books on marriage, books to inspire and encourage every person looking to succeed in life.

  • Ministry for All ​

    Tyrone and Andrea use these resources to conduct marriage seminars and marital counseling, but their ministry extends beyond just this subject. They travel the county teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God.

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